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Standard package: 2 nights, max 8 people, price pp 7000 rupees* (about 70 $) excl transportation. Transportation can be arranged upon request.

A sample of the standard package includes two nights and three days. You arrive mid-afternoon to the village and are welcomed with a delicious cup of Nepali tea and settled into your comfortable room that features spectacular views of the countryside. Smiling faces and rural beauty abounds as do the most generous and gracious of villagers. Soon you will put on your hiking shoes (or well-fitting sandals) and trek to the top of the mountain and experience a magnificent Nepali sunset! After you return you will enjoy a delicious meal in the company of the joyful students from Maya Universe Academy. Most of the children speak English as well as Nepali. Our exceptional staff of volunteers from around the world are skilled in communications regardless of your country of origin.

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The next day will greet you with opportunities to see and experience the Maya community; an information session regarding Maya’s universe will be provided and you will have a chance to have your questions answered. See first-hand a permaculture farm that has been functioning successfully for generations, lunch follows and a variety of opportunities to volunteer and expand your understanding of the Nepali culture. Guided tours are available, or you can select from activities that support your personal interest. After dinner an evening of entertainment, that we encouraged you to participate in, surrounds a bonfire. Singing and dancing will get you on your feet and the illuminated and smiling faces of the children and villagers will live forever in your heart.

The third day you will have the chance to enjoy breakfast in a local setting. After packing your suitcase and feelings, you will be heading to your next destination, taking with you unforgettable memories and most likely leaving behind a piece of your heart.


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* In case of cancellation until 5 PM of the day before arrival, no price will be charged. Cancellation after 5 PM of the day before arrival will be charged with 50% of package price.