Education is not only a primary target, but also a necessary mean to achieve such an astounding change in Nepal. Despite the community’s help and the Maya model, some costs still need to be faced. Besides that, giving local families viable opportunities to live close to their kids and support them during their growth process is similarly important.
We have found a common long term and sustainable solution for both these challenges.
Maya EdEx has been thought to fulfill both these gaps: addressing Maya’s financial self-sustainability while providing the local community members with income generation opportunities. Involving the surrounding villages with the possibility of sharing their knowledge and traditions in reward of extra income brings more stability and certainties to the families of our students.

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As a consequence, the students and Maya itself will benefit with more energy to be invested in education and less to be dedicated to home’s duties. The generated profits will also enable Maya Universe Academy to take one step further towards financial self-sustainability. This would decrease dependency on foreign donors and volunteers and increase investments and opportunities locally.
Applying this model of local business development, Maya Universe Academy can become a fully community-driven organization providing free-of-charge high level education.