Article taken from “The Himalayan Times”, Sunday 21st November 2017

Education Ethos – State of Public Schools

“The public education system is in a sorry state with only a limited number of public schools performing well at the national level. Lack of dutiful teachers, absenteeism of teachers and students, poor teaching practices, delayed or non availability of textbooks, poor and insufficient infrastructure, lack of basic requirements like pure drinking water and hygienic school environment, high drop out rates, political interference, lack of modern teaching-learning practices etc. are a few things that burden the public education system in Nepal.


The results of an ideal examinations go on to show that the quality of education provided in public schools is dismal as compared to that in private schools. The gap becomes wider when compared to schools in rural and urban areas. The statistics of Ministry of Education 2016 shows that there are 144,212 community schools and 34,065 private schools in Nepal with a total enrolment of 7,446,098 students. Among the total enrolment, community schools consist of 82 percent students and rest 18 percent are in private schools. The ratio stamps that the future of more than 80 percent of students is bleak in regards to receiving quality education in the country.”

Nepal’s no.1 English newspaper recently published this article illustrating the school situation in Nepal. Despite ongoing changes to the system, and the fact that the management of schools is now the responsibility of local governments, the situation is still in urgent need of improvement.

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