High in the rural mountains of Nepal; remote and removed from the chaos and smog of Kathmandu is the innovative school of Maya Universe Academy. Maya is a school committed to providing a quality education for all children regardless of caste, economic status or location.

Over four hundred students at various grade levels: preschool through high school, at four locations, now have access to educational opportunities equal to private schools and surpassing government run public schools. Maya is unique in all of Nepal and perhaps with the world in its approach to educating children of diverse backgrounds and experiences, but even more remarkable is its funding structure.

Funding a private school traditionally is done by tuition paid by parents, donors (which are usually graduates), grants and endowments. Maya is only seven years old and has no such resources, but it does have a powerful commitment of family love… in fact Maya is Nepali for love. This love translates into a promise from the parents to work for the school two full days per month, cooking, painting, cleaning, creating pathways and water resources, building classrooms and volunteer housing, plus a variety of specialized projects.  In addition, they are agricultural workers, tending to the goats, chickens and field grown produce that feed the staff, volunteers and most importantly the students throughout the school year.

Over time a highly regarded poultry business has been developed, which provides income for the school through wholesale and retail sales in towns and cities such as Kathmandu. Parents have also created cottage industries that produce jewellery for sales both locally and internationally.

Despite these creative approaches to school funding, the increase in the number of children in need of education continues to grow and Maya’s promise to turn away no child, challenges the current funding resources. Out of this challenge has come the idea for EdEx, an immersion educational and cultural experience that is as unique as the school itself.

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Imagine yourself arriving on a hilltop in rural Nepal, surrounded by epic views, colourful villages and the sound of children playing. There you are in Nepal and the monies you have spent to travel are changing lives, creating opportunities and fighting poverty. Consider that a single dollar spent in Nepal impacts a minimum of three people. This economic impact goes even further when the dollars spent are via Maya Universe Academy’s EdEx tourism adventures… you are helping to educate a child, revitalize a community, and improve the lives of many.

This travel adventure is suited to students, teachers, travel groups, and those longing for an experience of a lifetime. There are two packages available at this time from which to choose and both are all inclusive. A Standard Package and Customized Packages.

Regardless of your package choice, we promise you an adventure that will amaze, delight, inspire and expand your heart to a size beyond your expectations. Please join us for the Maya cultural and educational experience and make a positive impact on the lives of school children, the villages and the people of Nepal.

There is no greatness without goodness… Become a part of the Maya family today.